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The Restorer and His Daughter  | Rebecca is happiest on the tools!

The wonders of a Woodworking and Restoration Workshop!

For over 25+ years Rebecca has been rolling around in wood-shavings and playing with tools of all kinds, learning everything there is to know about Furniture Making and Restoration from her Father, Andrew Farquhar, Master Furniture Craftsman and Restorer of Farquhar's Furniture. Still to this day you will find Rebecca in the Workshop where she is now restoring, designing and making her own unique furniture and fittings for her own design clients. 


Farquhar's Furniture is a 40 year old business, Crafting and Restoring Fine Furniture.

Farquhars Furniture

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Come behind the scenes and into the Farquhar's Furniture Making and Restoration Workshop

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Father and Daughter duo, Andrew and Rebecca Farquhar, take you inside their world of the wonders of Farquhar's Furniture Making and

Restoration Workshop and all that comes across their workbench. 

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