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Rebecca Farquhar
Rebecca Farquhar

About Rebecca...

Rebecca is a Designer and all round creative. She spends her days in her Design Studio and equally on the tools in the Furniture Making and Restoration Workshop, Farquhar's Furniture, where she brings all her ideas to life, no matter how big or small the project!

Each day is an adventure for Rebecca, you'll find her designing concepts for Homes, Commercial Spaces, Holiday Accommodation, Real Estate & Property Styling, Furniture Making and Restoration, Painting at her easel and Sourcing treasures from near and far - her skills are endless! Not to mention the opening of a new Store at Dirty Janes Emporium in Bowral where you can find one of kind pieces ranging from furniture, fabrics, trimmings, tassels, jewellery, rugs, exotic textiles, art, clothing, objet d'art...the list goes on.


Rebecca's also never without her cameras and Photography is another service she offers as it is visual language that can communicate the never-ending beauty of the creative world that she is immersed in. Rebecca's photography is used in Editorials, Social Media and Website content for Brands/Businesses as well as in her Interior Design.

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"She is a truly creative soul with a gift for designing
beautiful and unique spaces"

Testimonial | Charlotte and Chris 

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