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Artwork | In search for that special piece?

When the right piece of art or decoration can't be sourced Rebecca will dream up her own design and paint the perfect piece to compliment the space she is working with.


A paint brush to hand from an early age, her artwork is well respected and has always been a strong part of her work, coming hand in hand with her creative Design and Styling. Clients commission Rebecca for both her Interior Design and Artistry skills. Many of her stunning artworks take pride of place in private homes, commercial spaces and hospitality venues, varying in size, colour ways and design. 

Sketches from my journal when in Rome! xx | 2019

Rebecca Farquhar

Title | Sakura Zen Flow

Private Commission

Media | Acrylic on Canvas


Title | New Life

Media | Acrylic on Canvas

Dimensions | 400mm x 1220mm


Title | The Lucky Charm

Media | Acrylic on Canvas

Dimensions | 1200mm x 2600mm