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Textiles & Travels | Sourcing rare, one-off and handcrafted pieces.

Rebecca Farquhar is a lover and collector of textiles, trimmings and exotic treasures from faraway lands. 

Travelling, exploring and uncovering the creativity and magic that lies within the culture, tribes and artisans of the world. Rebecca is always thinking

about her next adventure abroad and what treasures can be found!

  • All photography by Rebecca Farquhar, images were taken on her travels abroad, in her studio and wherever her eye is inspired!

Rebecca Farquhar

Rebecca's love of exotic culture, colour, textiles and a passion for the Eastern world has taken her to India several times. She immersed herself in the vibrant culture & also volunteered her time teaching English in a rural school and orphanage in Rajasthan. Additionally, she has travelled to trade shows in Delhi for sourcing treasures, meeting craftsmen & artisans and connecting with suppliers for her designs.

Rebecca Farquhar
Rebecca Farquhar
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