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Book Creative Empowerment Coaching and Holistic Counselling Session with Rebecca Farquhar

Helping people on a deep and emotional level. 

To grow, expand, feel better and encourage.

Empowerment refers to the ongoing capacity of Individuals to act on their own behalf to achieve greater control over their lives. Make decisions and act for oneself. 

Learn and build on their own successful choices 

The empowerment process strengthens the ongoing capacity of individuals for successful action under changing circumstances. 

Kaizen | Wabi Sabi

Ikigai - something Rebecca loves to keep in mind and share. Ancient Japanese philosphy.

Kintsugi - 2024 Japan. 


Rebecca Farquhar 


Masters of Holistic Counselling, Empowerment Coaching and Meditation Therapy

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Heart Stone Necklaces. 

About Holistic Counselling

Opening up your ability to be connected to what your calling is and exploring that in the most creative way possible. 


Mental Wellness and Holistic Wellness

Click here to purchase Zen Range 


  • Palo Santo/sage sets (wholesale supplier)

  • Crystals

  • Oils (pachama remedies)

  • Books (wholesale supplier)

  • Sacred objects (sourced far and wide)

  • Art (by me)

  • Mindfully made jewellery

  • Tea (wholesale)

  • Candles

  • Mugs

  • Ceramics (to hold incense, palo santo, jewellery, candles)

  • Stones

  • Calligraphy Brushes

  • Matcha tea

Available online, at retreats, at classes or by custom order.

This range accompanies my Holistic Counselling and Creative Empowerment Coaching Service.

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Meditation Classes and Guided Meditations 

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Listen to Podcast 'inspo. mo' An Inspired Moment.


Keeping you in the present and remembering to find a little or a few snippets each day to be inspired and grateful for.

Played in saunas/teenage girl retreats, airports

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Rebecca Farquhar

"A truly remarkable and inspiring creative professional" 

"Our students had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Rebecca, a truly remarkable and inspiring creative professional. Her journey through the world of design and creativity is not your typical one, but that’s what made her story so captivating. Rebecca’s diverse skill set is not confined to one medium or one domain; she ventures into many facets of the creative world which left our students feeling reassured that there are no limits to what one can achieve when they wholeheartedly follow their creative instincts. Her career is testament to the limitless possibilities of a life fuelled by passion and talent."

Testimonial | Frensham Mittagong 

Book Rebecca Farquhar for your next retreat and zen class

- Stand Tall retreats Berry

- Springfield Avoca

- Aro Ha New Zealand

- AMAN group 

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